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General Counsel

We offer our extensive business and securities knowledge, experience, and expertise to small and medium size financial firms (and their affiliates) through our fractional general counsel services. These services are intended to provide our clients with the same advantages of having an in-house legal team, i.e., a high-quality service, keeping abreast of the current trends, addressing the latest regulatory guidance and rules, and generally bringing a unique perspective and comprehensive approach to addressing any issues that arise in the course of their business, for a fraction of the cost.

Our general counsel services are customized to the specific needs of each business. We strive to understand the overall goals of each of our client’s business, what services would be helpful to the client, and develop an engagement to fit the client’s needs. Fractional general counsel services are offered on an hourly fee and fixed fee for those without significant needs, or a subscription (discounted) monthly fee. Our fractional general counsel services generally incorporate any and all aspects of a client’s business.

Our General Counsel services include:

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